Api Response from Orchestrator's Multiple Folders

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I am able to call API results for processes under each folder in orchestrator and load them into the BD table I prepared for it using an integration tool. However, as you can see below that the folders are five (5) and this will keep increasing as we publish more process that need unique and new folders. In such a case, is there a solution in which are able to call all APIs for al processes under orchestrator regardless of specific folder Id (FID)?

image (36)

Please let me know if you need more explanation.
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I think there’s no end point for all process in a Tenant because it segregated into folders. To do this you need call Get Folders to get new ones and call the Get Process for each one of them.

You either can call Packages API to get all package in a Tenant, but a package isn’t necessary a process

Packages Requests (uipath.com)

Postman UiPath Collection

Process Status | UiPath’s Public Workspace | Postman API Network

@rikulsilva thank you for sharing me very insightful information. However, when I gave it a try using swagger. I can see the following API list of my orchestrator

Under folder, for instance, I can see only 8 items. My goal is to see as many columns as we have under jobs API for all the the 10 process that are scattered under different folders in my orchestrator. It looks like I am missing something here.
Could you please elaborate on how to get the needful data for all the processes under different folder by one call. Like I said I can do for all processes under one folder, but my goal is to get all jobs under all folder and all processes.


Please let me know if this is not clear. Thanks a lot!

lets clear the exact needs


Or are Jobs of interest?

@ppr thanks for the follow up question to make things clearer.
As you can see below, I have these values from 10 processes structured as you see in the screenshot but under the same folder (fid = 20). However, I need similar data for other folders (Fid = 32, 40, 45, and so forth) in the same fashion at once. Not folder by Folder. If that makes any sense


Looking at Jobs endpoint you can get for all folder, just not provide X-UiPath-OrganizationUnitId. It is not mandatory field

May it is a good idea put some filter in your query or you can get a maximum of 1000 jobs by call

you really want to get Jobs or Processes? For processes, the endpoint return Packages Feed.

@rikulsilva thank you again for your time. Yes, at the API endpoint stage the Folder Id is not mandatory. However, I use the SSIS integration tool to load data to the SQL DB’s table. In the SSIS package at the source component the Folder ID looks like mandatory. I tried a couple of times giving wild cards and did not work. Any thoughts?


can you delete X-UiPath-OrganizationUnitId from header request? From Curl request in Swagger, the request doens’t have it

@rikulsilva I did that and unfortunately it faults.

was this ever resolved?