GetAppCredentials.xaml file missing in RE Framework

Hi All,

I can not see GetAppCredentials.xaml in RE Framework. Can somebody please help me with the reason for this?
I have attached screenshot for reference:

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which version you are using?

Studio 2019.10.3

can you update and see?

I guess this is updated version only…

i’ve and i’m using 2019.11.0 beta 2

Uipath.Credentials.Activities install this package and check!

@Anamika15 Have you used it before in any of your other workflows Designed from the same version you are using now?

No I am using RE Framework for the first time with this version. In older versions I never faced this issue.

Installed this package but still I don’t have this XAML file.

@Anamika15 You can try and import that xaml file from other Workflows of the previous version

@Anamika15 did you manage to fix this? I am also facing the same issue today. And I am also on the same version as yours - Studio 2019.10.3.

I have been practicing on Robotic Enterprise Framework for more than 3 weeks now but I suddenly started facing this issue today. I copied the GetAppCredentials.xaml file from my previous project but noticed that there were couple of validation errors on this file. I installed Uipath.Credentials.Activities and the validation errors are all gone. But I was just wondering what has gone wrong suddenly. Why am I facing this issue today when it was working just fine the day before.

Anybody has any suggestions?

Hi, I am also facing the same issue @hemant_wadatkar

Anybody has any suggestions to resolve this issue?
using UiPath v2020.2.0-beta.108

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Same here.
Seems to be missing in the new UiPath Version v2020.2.0-beta.108

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Please copy and paste the any existing GetAppCredentials.xaml into Framework folder and try.

There is no any existing GetAppCredentials.xaml to put into the framework folder. Any suggestions on this would really help.


You can get it from other projects(Google it for GetAppCredentials.xaml). I did it in the same way. It is working for me.

Please see this user voice topic.

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