Get working space of my robot

Hi community,

i try to save to a variable the local path of the working folder of my robot. I tried “Enviroment.GetFolder()” but doesnt work.

Background: The robot has to readout a config file wich is located in the project folder of the robot. Until now i have assigned the path of the conifgfile. Know i want to tell the robot that the name of the file is “config” and located in the project folder.

Thanks !

Hi @SasaDB

You can simply just write the name of the file, since it is present in the project folder of the robot. i.e.

It automatically takes the relative path. You don’t need to specify the full path. If there’s a sub-folder in your project folder (let’s say “sub-fold”) and inside that your config is present, you can write “sub-folder\Config.xlsx”

Let’s me know if that helps.

it works. Thank you !