Get Workbook Sheets and inserting them into variables for further use(2). Please ignore the other one

Have two questions here

  1. Not able to get " List < string > " type variable.
  2. How to pass the captured sheet name in a variable for further use.

please refer to the screenshot

image Get Workbook Sheets.xaml (9.9 KB)


  1. Open variable panel
  2. Enter variable name
  3. Click on Variable Type drop down
  4. Click on Browse for Types. This opens .Net Type selection page

    In the Type selection page,
  5. Type Name as System.COllections.Generic.List
  6. You can also select it from the Types tree
  7. Select the variable type as string

Now in Get Workbook Sheets activity, enter the list variable created above in Output Sheets property

thanks! I was able to get the List < String >. Now please support on the other query as well (How to pass the captured sheet name in a variable for further use).

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you can go through my workflow
@KP6689Sequence.xaml (5.5 KB)

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It is hard to comprehend in isolation, can you please, if ever, integrate it with the attached file

Get Workbook Sheets.xaml (9.6 KB)

Get Workbook Sheets.xaml (6.5 KB)
you got the solution??

there seems to be confusion, regrets, I was able to get the Variable Type ’ List < String> ’ but my second question(How to pass the captured sheet name in a variable for further use) still lies unanswered

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okay do you have only three Sheet names ??
if so you can do this

  • firstSheetName=yourListVariable(0)
  • secondSheetName=yourListVariable(1)
  • thirdSheetName=yourListVariable(2)
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Use Variable1 = lstSheets(0),
Variable2 = lstSheets(1),
So on


thanks got it!

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thanks got it

thank you very much

@KP6689 Happy learning!

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