Get Workbook Sheets - what type of variable should I use?

I downloaded the Getworkbook Sheets example flow from UiPath help page.

The Get Workbook Sheets activity used as output a variable called Sheetslist.

Under the variables tab, it’s listed as a “List” variable. But selecting it, under type (on the proprieties panel), it’s a System.Collections.Generic.List

I tried to create my own Get Workbook Sheets activity on my flow, but I can´t find that type of variable, even when browsing for types and writing “list”, nor “system.collections.string…”, etc.

We have it right?

This is the closest I could find to “system.collections.generic.list”. But when I try to select it, I get an error message.

and trying to use another type of variable in the Get Workbook Sheets tells me that variable could not be converted into a “System.Collections.Generic.List” variable.

Yeah, when I select it, it says it cannot “be resolved”.

Also, on the Get Workbook Sheets example by UIPath, the type is System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String>.

Not sure if that is different from System.Collections.Generic.List. But anyway, I get the error trying to select the type.

Why don’t you create the variable in the output by pressing ctrl + k, so that you don’t need to browse the variable type @Rogerio_Penna

ok, I never noticed that WHEN you select “List” a new line appears on the top, where I can select the type… replacing the by string, or int32, etc.

Thanks. solved.

ha, I never knew that was possible. Doing that already gives me the correct type of variable eh? Very convenient. UIPath could somehow show you that option instead of the user having to know there is a shortcut for it.

Usually when we start using the studio, it will show us the shortcuts and the keys available. May be you missed that, UiPath is very convenient to work with :slight_smile: . Please try to search the shortcuts of uipath studio so that you will get some keys. Happy automation