How to use stored sheet names one by one to enter a value in a website?

Hi ,
in one of my scenario i want to get the sheet names one by one and then want to use them in a website one by one. how to use that. I am able to get the sheet name but not able to use as a value in website.


Normally, to get the Sheet names, I will create a Workbook Application variable and use it as the Output property of the Excel Scope. Then, use that Workbook variable with .GetSheets to create an array of all the Sheet names.
Here are some example:

wb.GetSheets(0) // returns the first sheet
wb.GetSheets(1) // returns the second sheet
For each sh in wb.GetSheets
    <actions> // sh as the value for each sheet in .GetSheets

Note: if there are Charts as one of the sheets, then there will be an error. In that case, another approach is needed using Invoke VBA. —Also, you can use Invoke VBA to get the Sheets but is slightly more complicated.


Hi Clay,
I am new to ui path . can you please send a xaml file so that i can understand easily.

getsheets.xaml (9.0 KB)


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