Get Visible Text: Capture Timeout Error

Troubleshooting Get Visible Text: Capture Timeout error .

Root Cause: This issue occurs when the bot is trying to perform any action on UI element which is not available or not properly rendered .It may happen because of site loading issue or any popup appearing there which is blocking the bot action or there may be more reasons.

Resolution: To find at what point this error happens, in the catch block of Try-Catch activity, use the TakeScreenshot and SaveImage activity. This will help in understanding the visual state of the target application or the desktop that executes the process at the time of failure.

To handle this error, try using the below activity in the workflow:

  1. Element Exists (use it before "Get Visible Text" activity to check if the element is available or not)
  2. Delay (use some delays before the "Get Visible Text" activity).

Make sure the Robot resolution in Orchestrator is set to the Development machine resolution. Follow the below steps to set the resolution for the Robot in Orchestrator,

  1. Create a test xaml in DEV machine -> use the Take Screenshot and Save Image activity -> Execute the workflow -> right click on saved image -> properties -> Details tab -> note down the height / width /depth values
  2. In the Orchestrator -> Navigate to the Robot user account configuration -> Robot settings tab -> enable and set LoginToConsole as No and give the height width and depth that was noted earlier.
  3. Sign out from the manually logged in RDP session of Robot machine before triggering the process from Orchestrator.
Ensure the scaling or DPI settings (should be 100% usually) of the Robot machine is same as the development machine.

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