Error Timeout and Take Screenshot: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception


I manually run the workflow in server, everythings work fine.

However, when I run through the orchestrator, the log shows that timeout reached.

Then the other exception “Take Screenshot: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception” occurred in try catch’s catch area.


  1. Why timeout reached when I run from the orchestrator?
  2. What does the error “Take Screenshot: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception” means? The take screenshot activity also contains the error?



For Take screenshot issue check this thread, Issue in take a screenshot on VM - #28 by ajay.kumar

For your Timeout issue, check on which activity you are getting it, you can see that in the robots log

The timeout reached problem occurred in try catch and it does not write which activity. Thus I do not sure where the error occurred.

And when I see the log message , the error occurred after a log message activity.

The workflow is like this:
Log Message A(successful run) > assign a variable to string > Log Message B ( Is not stated in orchestrator)

But then how come the assign activity reach timeout.
The content of the assign activity:
vState = “Process”

Hello, @poppadom
Are you using any application in your process? This exception generally occurs when the application crashes and the bot trying to capture the screenshot at the same time. Ref below thread

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