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have simple dropdown. I want to find out the telephone (value) of EngineerB, for example, how to use uipath to get the value of EngineerB?

EngineerA EngineerB EngineerC EngineerD EngineerE

Sorry the dropdown is this:

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Hi @kelvinyeo24,
Use Get Attribute activity to fetch the value

Kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @kelvinyeo24


You can get it using Get Attribute Activity with the following settings.

Attribute : “value”

Target- Selector:
<html title='*' />
<webctrl name='ctrl00$ddIFE' tag='SELECT' />
<webctrl aaname='EngineerB' tag='OPTION' />


Hi Yoichi,

Thanks, I got it to work. But how do I turn aaname=‘EngineerB’ into a variables. Because it can be any engineer…

Hi @kelvinyeo24
In the Selector itself of aaname give it as Engineer*

Ashwin S

In Selector Editor, you can set it as the following.

"<webctrl aaname='{{strEngineerVar}}' tag='OPTION' />"

You can also use right click to dragged text to put variable.


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