Get Unique internet message ID from Exchange Mail Message


Im currently creating a bot that takes the html from a form in an email submitted by a customer, then turning that into json file for data to be entered into a system. I want to use the ‘message id’ supplied by the exchange service and save that as the JSON file or enter the ‘message-id’ into the json file. i Then want to go back and get that email and find the json file with that message ID. Its seems when UIpath grabs the headers from exchange it excludes the ‘message-id’. It does include a ‘uid’ but I’ve found that this changes when the email moves between folders.
The screen shot shows the message ID i want to use. I basically want a guid from the email using the exchange activity. unfortunately cant currently use Orchestrator or the outlook activity.


We are considering returning the Message-ID in the headers of an MailMessage returned by Get Outlook/Exchange/IMAP Mail Messages activities for 21.4.

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