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Dear all,
when I try to get message ID using item.Headers(“Message-ID”) it is giving me nothing.
I tried to search by item.Headers(“UID”) but when I move the e-mail to other folder that number is changed. Could you please help me to get unique number for specific e-mail? I want to read it, move to other folder in dispatcher, pass that information to orchestrator (email ID) and then in Performer based on the information from Orchestrator read that e-mail again.

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Thats the expected behavior when you are working with e-mails from exchange server.
Quote from the microsoft documentation:

  • Don’t assume that your ID will always be valid if you need to retrieve the item at a later time. If an item is moved in the store, the ID can change because of the way a move is handled. An item is actually copied, and a new ID is generated, and then the original item is deleted.

In my processes I save the subject, sender and date of the e-mail. With this information, I can nearly clearly identify the e-mail when I move it.

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for response. I resolved that issue. After moving that e-mail to other folder I am getting its ID again and send it to Orchestrator and it is working now.

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