Differing UID between Get Exchange Mail Messages and Get Outlook Mail Messages activities

Hi Everyone,

As I have written a PS Script to set the category of an Outlook email, I noticed
that the UID of the MailMessage is not the same when using the Get Exchange Mail Messages compared to the Get Outlook Mail Messages. Both activities return a collection of Net.MailMessages objects, however when getting the the UID (item.Headers(“UID”)) the returned strings are not the same.

Is there an explanation for that, respectively a way to get the same UID with the Get Exchange Mail Messages activity?

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Hi @Bull-Larsen_Frederik

Could you maybe provide us with the exact versions of both activity packages?

This is how the SDK we are using returns them, the UID is not constructed by UiPath activities.
If you read the same mail message with Get Outlook Mail Messages and Get Exchange Mail Messages, you will get different UIDs.

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@Bull-Larsen_Frederik btw, starting with 21.4 (UiPath.Mail.Activities) an MailMessage object returned by Get Outlook Mail Messages & Get Exchange Mail Messages will expose the Message-ID of the mail message and it will also allow to filter by Message-IDs.

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