Get Transaction Item is not Picking the data which has NULL Values in One Column

Hi Folks,

I am Pushing the Items to the Orchestrator Queue from DB using ADD BULK ITEM in dispatcher Module.

In Performer Module, My BOT is not Picking the Transaction which has NULL Value in One Column each.

FYI: After Get Transaction Item, i am using run command to insert these four column values inorder to update the status i.e Success or BE or SE at the End.

Please help me why my bot is not picking the item which has one NULL Value.

Thanks in Advance.


@Anil_G Please share your thoughts


I beleive you need to replace them with string.Empty …basically some emtpy string…can you check the output of add bulk queue…and did you set add individually?

If so these two rows might be failing because null cant be set on queue…it ahpuld atleast be empty


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Is you performer retrieving the queue item but not processing, or isn’t retrieving at least?

Thank you for your Swift response.

Where i need to replace a empty string Anil?


Yes My performer is retrieving… but it is not taking the NULL one

I have 5 items in DB. All the Five items are moving to the queue.

In get Transaction only, it is not taking the item which has one NULL Value

Try adding and if condition after you retrieve your item
Then check if the item has a null value, if so then replace those null values with an empty string like this

TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“yourNullKey”) is Nothing


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Thank you.

Where i need to add this condition?

Right below your get transaction item activity


In your db or when you retrieve in the datatable you can add empty string so that it is not null


Hi @Anil_G

These cases are tested by Testing Team.

They want to know, what if the column has NULL Value


Then isNothing(transactionitem.specificcontent(“name”)) is what you need to check when you get


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