Get total of a table on SAP

Hello guys…I have this table on SAP.
It contains 1500 Rows. i want just to get the total of this column.

whats your recommendation…fastest and the most reliable way to do so?

Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Hurmet!

I recommend finding a way to export the SAP table to excel or a similar format. Usually there is an option like “ALV-Grid View” or a direct button for exporting.

Then read the excel into a datatable and build the sum from there. For example like this:

DT.AsEnumerable.Sum(Function(a)Convert.ToDouble(a(“Column A”).ToString))

Source: Sum of a column in data table - #3 by praneeth.peyyeti

Happy automating :wink:

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If I export I can read the total because is included, I wondered if there is a simpler way to do that?

Did you try with Data Scraping?
UiAutomation has been improved (v21.4.3) for these kinds of SAP elements:

Data scraping and Screen scraping are supported for data extraction for SAP ALV Tables. One or multiple tables on the SAP screen can be extracted.

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I just did your first suggestion, export filter, get the desired vale and delete file.
It was quick i expected it a bit longer but it was fine.
Thank You


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