How to Get the ToolTip value

Hi All,

In Windows based application
while mouse over to some particular text tool tip option appearing i need to extract that value. how to do?

Arivu :slight_smile:

try using recording mode, you can pause recording by pressing F2 before hovering on to the particular object

then hover mouse pointer on the object. by this time recording will be started again.

now try using Get ocr text or get text

Hai @phyogananda,

its not an object ., uipath not detect the tooltip values.,


yep… @Aravind

i dint read properly.


Great, let you help me with your workflow.,so i can learn a new Method with that.,


That’s a good challenge :slight_smile:

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After selecting the selector in UiExplorer, click on property explorer, check is the tool tip is appearing in any of the attribute.

In may case one window based application is showing the tool tip value in ‘text’ property.


So “Get Attribute” activity will help to extract the tool tip. Use “text” attribute. Try and let me know if that helps.

That is a nice solution, but it will not work every time. For example, it will not work for these types of tooltips:

No in my case scenario it will not work. @loginerror