Get todays folder

Need to check whether todays date folder is already created inside a path if so delete the folder and create a new one in assiged folder path.

HI @gowtham_tamil

Try this

Directory.Exists(Path.Combine("your path",Now.ToString("Your Format")))


Your format can be like this

“dd.MM.yyyy” - 12.10.2022
“dd/MM/yyyy” - 12/10/2022
“dd MMM yyyy”- 12 Oct 2022

and the skeleton will be like this


Vanakam @gowtham_tamil
Kindly find the .Xaml file, you may get some idea.
FileDate.xaml (8.4 KB)

directory.getFiles(“your_file_path”).where(Function(f) file.GetCreationTime(f).ToShortDateString = today.ToShortDateString).OrderByDescending(function(f) file.GetCreationTime(f)).First

You can try this

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