Get the value from Scanned PDF based on tick on checkbox

I want to extract some text from scanned pdf based on tick checkbox given in pdf, can any one help me to get the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Buddy you can ocr image activities, like if it is able to find the checkbox image out there in the pdf it can get the data aside to it and this can be done by pressing alt+ctrl+c that would lead to a wizard where you can see this option scrape relative under screen scraping

This would work buddy

Thanks! your suggestion worked, but there are many checked checkboxes are present in the PDF so I need to make it dynamic any solution for this? for single checkbox its working.

Along with check box there would be some term right buddy select that too along with checkbox, so that it wont look for other checkbox apart from the selected one

Cheers…kindly let know whether this works or not buddy @snparmar

If it i something like below image and you want to extract the text only for the checkboxes which are checked

then you can try below approach :

  1. Use Find image Matches activity to find all the checked boxes.
  2. In loop, use scrape relative and pass the output of step 1 as input to the anchor.

Hi @mahesh.kumar,
My scenario is little different but approach is same. I have a multiple file named "Filename 1 " and checkbox infront of filename, uncheck all of them except for the most recent one. we will decide latest one on basis of date.

I am using find image activity to find all checkbox(check and unchecked).
" In loop, use scrape relative and pass the output of step 1 as input to the anchor." please elaborate second step,share the activities name and screen shot.

I am stuck on second step. Please help.

Can you share me the C# codes to extract checkbox and its values from a scanned pdf?