Getting text relative to checkbox from scanned pdf

Hi, I am trying to get text relative to checkbox in pdf document which is non editable. I need to use OCR activities to get text out of that pdf. The issue i am facing over here is, there are some checkbox inside the pdf and i need to get text in front of checked checkbox and store its value inside variables. Here i have used find image and get ocr text in anchor base, but its only returning the text which i have indicated in get ocr text. I want to make it generic, so whenever there comes a checkbox it should return me the text in front of it.
533624625.pdf (663.9 KB)

Find attachment and help me to extract fields relative to checked checkbox.

Can u share me the C# code of extracting checkbox from scanned pdfs?

hi, i have the same problem,

how can i get if a checkbox is selected from a scaned PDF?