Get the link inside it

When I click the Id no in my web page it goes to different page…

That means the Id no in my web is hyperlink

How to get the link of the new page without opening it

How get the link by getting its any of the attribute it has?


you can use get attribute activity or data scrapping to extract url.

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Through url you will be getting the curent page url

Hey @Sweety_Girl

Use the get attribute, and click on the indicate on screen, and identify the element that you need to get the link of. Then try to get the URL…

Let me know whether that helps…

Yup… I got the Url of the current page… but I actually need the link for which it is hyperlinked

Hello @Sweety_Girl
Indicate the HyperLink using Get Attribute Activity and select
“href” Attribute as shown in the below image


Let me know if it works or not !!


Hi @Sweety_Girl,
If you want the url for more then one ids use Data scrapping Activity else you can get is using Get Attribute activity.

Hi @sweety_Girl,

@vickydas is absolutely correct.
“href” attribute holds the value of the URL in a hyperlink. So you need to give the selector of the hyperlink and then fetch the href attribute using Get Attribute activity. Hope it works.

I dint find any attribute like “href”

Tried this, I am getting empty string

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Hello @Sweety_Girl
First indicate the hyper link than you’ll get updated attribute options and then select href

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Yup did it… But I didn’t get attribute like href in that particular link… Though I tried using href and printed the value in msg box… I am getting empty string

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No property like href

If your site is not confidential, could you please share the link?

Just typed Wikipedia in google…

Are you going to change the link frequently? or it’s constant.


Then Change the selectors in Get Attribute

and Change the value to “aaname”

This is what I need


Help this out

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