Get the currentdirectory


we built a library and published it, then this library it is used by a process, but when an activity of this library gets an error, the entire process get error while invoking other workflows, because it seems that it searches the workflow file in the path of the library instead of in the path of the process itself. To what can be related this situation?

Thanks to all who will give help.

Directory.getCurrentDirectory could be used to get the working directory of user

You may want to read here:

Yes I have already tried, writing a log with the current directory after that error and it writes the directory of the library, instead of the one of the project

When invoking a process did u provide the full filepath or partial one @marica_licciardello

I provide only the .xaml name, cause it takes the full path from the current directory, usually

Or Use Environment.CurrentDirectory+""+xamlfilename as filepath


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yes, it was the workaround I’ve used :wink:
thank you so much for your suggestion

Hi @marica_licciardello

Did it worked for u?