Current xaml path


How to access the path of the xaml being executed.
the Environment.CurrentDirectory gives the current execution base path.
But i need the path tof the xaml being executed.

Invoke先のCurrent directoryの取り方を教えてください

Do you need the path of XAML in run time or Do you need to know where XAML is saved while developing?


I neeed the path during runtime.


@badita @alex.stoian
I am still stuck at this :worried:


Could you please explain your use-case? Why you need the path and what you are trying to achieve? Maybe we find an workaround.

Not straightforward (requires a bit of coding) but…you start in Environment.GetCurrentDirectory with Main.xaml, let’s say. Any path change will require an Invoke Workflow (wfPath). Therefore by concatenating the currentDirectory with wfPath - use Path.Combine - you’ll be able to get the current physical location of the running xaml.


Hi @akhi_s27,

Can you try using “system.appdomain.currentdomain.BaseDirectory”

This will give you the path of the xaml.




For me System.Appdomain.Currentdomain.BaseDirectory returns the installation folder of UiPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\ !?


Ah Ok.

I used another one CurDir and it seems to be working, Please check and confirm?




Try to use: System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory

It will return the full path of the XAML Directory :wink:



Just as a sidenote - Environment.CurrentDirectory (property) actually calls Directory.GetCurrentDirectory for Get, and Directory.SetCurrentDirectory for Set operation.

It’s quite an interesting situation actually :slight_smile: Either way, both will return same value and should work for this use case.


Hi guys, does anyone got a solution for that?

I need this because i’m facing the following situation:

I’ve got a robot X with all its modules contained on its folder, with eventually will call another modules which are also on the same folder. This is fine cause I can pass the relative path to the “Invoke Workflow” activity and everything will run fine.

The deal is, I want my robot X to be able to run by itself and to be called by another Top-Level robots, which will be on another folder.

Thus, I wanted to use Invoke Workflow something like CurrentDirectory + ModuleName.xaml so the robot X will always work independently if it is running by itself or called by another robot.

If I use Directory.GetCurrentDirectory, it will return the Top Level robot directory within robot X, when it calls it.

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