Get Text from Web PDF

Hi folks,

I’ve been trying to research how I can get text from PDF in a web browser such as Firefox. I’ve added Computer Vision and tried using the “CV Get Text” action but I’m getting a timeout error as seen below. I’m using wild cards in the selector due to my target text being dynamic and appears to be valid.

Request help to see what I may be doing wrong.



Thank you!

Hi @eolorenshaw,

Do you have the Firefox extension for UiPath installed?

Yes. I have the Firefox extension installed.

Have you taken a look at the following to solve the CV issue?

I narrowed down the area of the screen scope and that seemed to work. Now, I was able to run the bot successfully once, but the second time around, even with wild cards it was not able to find the element in the web pdf. The “Sales Order” in the below screenshot is the same every time with the number being dynamic. Again, I can capture it on the first go, but on the second pass it does not find it. Note: On the first pass I’m also using wild card to get the number which has not been previously stored in UiPath.