Supported Programs: Firefox, Foxit Reader and others


I can’t get UiPath to work nicely with certain programmes I am using (I guess resorting to OCR is my only option).

It seems like Firefox 54 is a known issue:

For PDF files, I am trying to use Foxit Reader, but the “Get Text” fails to find any UI element in the main text document. Am I right to assume that Foxit Reader is thus not supported?

Is there a list of UiPath compatible programmes (IE, Acrobat, …) / versions (Firefox 52, …) or incompatible programmes (Foxit Reader) / versions (Firefox 54)? Right now, I am haphazardly trying, but I don’t really understand if it is a fundamental limitation or I’m not using it right.

Given that Firefox and Foxit Reader are very widely used tools, I start to wonder if for most programmes I will end up using OCR in some way or another.


Did you try "Read PDF Tex/with OCR" Activity. unless your not reading inside citrix.

Thanks for your comment.

That works, but I lose all the nice functionality (Anchor Base, Find Element, Get Text). I guess sifting through the entire string may also work in certain cases.

My question is a bit more general: how do I know / find out / be certain that a certain programme will not work with UiPath. Does UiPath not support it (but could) or is the programme designed in a way that prevents it from playing nicely with UiPath (and hence UiPath cannot do anything about it)?

Regardless of the activity you mentioned .UiPath uses the most suited activity but it lefts to the develoer to do try and error and check which suits your requirement. :v: