Get text doesnt detect right target element (selectors)

I am using get text to extract data from pdfs which have same templates , but it is only detecting the right element for one pdf and not the other i dont know whats causing the issue . i have added images for reference .

Both have same templates so it should detect the target , why is it not working?

Hi @Harish_saravanan_R

Instead of doing with Ui automation, Use Read pdf activity or Read pdf with OCR activity to read the pdf and store in a String Variable. Then use Data Manipulation or regular expressions to extract the required data from the input.

Hope it helps!!

I have tried that the pdfs contains 2d drawing and designs so when i use read pdf/ocr they also get extracted in some gibberish kind of thing , the image i have shown is a zoomed one .


Does the pdf has target strings as characters or image?
I think it may be better to use Document Understanding framework.


I did explore on that but as i said the pdf has drawing , and there is an digitization step involved in document understanding which will extract text from pdf and it is not in the right manner . i have added an sample image . so the pdf has drawings like this and at the bottom left there is the table(title block is how its called ) which i have posted earlier .

thanks for reply.

Hi @Harish_saravanan_R,

Instead of using GET TEXT go with the Document Understanding. Take a moment to watch it, and I’m sure you’ll gain a deeper understandingof DU in UiPath

UiPath made PDF Extraction a lot easier - Document Understanding UiPath (

Vinit Mhatre

Okay will try it out and let you know .

thanks ,

Just one doubt the table in pdf can only be viewed clearly if we zoom in , if i use document understanding wont there be an issue regarding this ?

If the pdf has the target strings as characters, we can extract only the characters without drawing part to set No at ApplyOcrOnPdf property of DigitizeDocument activity.



Okay will try document understanding and let you guys know asap.


I have used AI center and trained an ML skill and using it in UI path studio , after the pro trial which is 60 days will i be able to use the ML skill which I trained or should i pay for it ?

Does this work , can someone tell me ?

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