Get text activity use

Can Get text activity be used in anchor base? I am unable to drag and drop get text activity in anchor base

You can select anchor from selector of get text Activity In Ui Explorer.


Use anchor as find element and action as Get Text.

Try it and let me know


Hello @Seema_Jethe

Anchor base should be provided with 2 activities, first one should be the find element to identify the anchor. Then in the second activity you can provide the Get Text.

You can refer to the below doc. You can download the exaple and try to modify the same.,

Yes of course @Seema_Jethe it can be used.

Just drag it outside anchor base and try putting it in then.

Hi @Seema_Jethe,

In such cases, try to save and close your project and open it again.


@Seema_Jethe Try to save your project and then try getting Get Text. Also, what is the activity that defined as an Anchor