Get text activity does not get the popup error message

I want to get the text message from the pop-up i tried to use get text but it does not get the text

Original selector

<wnd ctrlid='65535' title='Cant rename "Pictures" because a file or folder with that name already exists*' />

Since error message is dynamic I tried to change the selector to but it does not work , Any idea?

<wnd ctrlid='65535' title='*' />


Does the Get Text activity work with the original selector or does it not work with either of the selectors?

Sometimes I need to use an Attach Window activity to get my Get Text activity to work for pop-up windows. Totally worth giving it a shot!

that original selector was able to get the text , what is the issue on my dynamic one ? why it is not getting the text Sir ? thanks

what do you mean attach window ? ill use attach window on the popup ?

The original selector has * on the end of the title
I tried changine it to make it dynamic but it seems wrong

Lets try a different method! Sometimes we need some additional selectors when trying to build out a dynamic selector. I think it would be a good idea to check out the UI Explorer application to help you generate the best selector.

  1. Click on the UI Explorer Icon (Top)

  2. Click Indicate Element and click on the text that you are trying to get

  3. Uncheck name in the Selected Items Pane

4)Click through each row in the Selector Editor and Uncheck everything (name, title, aaname, etc) that has the text that you want made dynamic

Here is what my selector looked like after doing the above, your selector will look different than mine because we are testing with different windows but I hope this helps to get you closer to your solution!

why is does it works when I do selector like this

if I do selector like that would it be able to get any text inside * * ?


you would be able to get any text outside the * *

If the pop-up window always displays the same type of message but for different files - replace the text between the quotes with a single *

`<wnd ctrlid='65535' title='Cant rename "*" because a file or folder with that name already exists' />`
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what if the new error message is for example “Desktop Underwriter Eligible with DTI”

would that selector be able still to get the text ?

The problem is the popup does not always display the same message. That is the problem Sir.

it would not be able to get the text for your second example. I would uncheck the title box in the Selected Items pane

@Mr_Meeseeks I have uncheck the title

We might just be at the last step! Lets uncheck that last title box

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if this is the only thing left then surely it would get nothing Sir

<wnd app='encompass.exe' cls='#32770' />

I tried it works with the error above but not sure if this works to all error message

<wnd app='app.exe' cls='#32770' title='Errors' />
<wnd title='* *' />

would you mind including a screenshot of everything you see in the UI Explorer window? Ideally I’d like to see 2 screenshots (1 for each error message) taken immediately after using Indicate Element button.

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That’s great to hear! The best way to find out is to test :slight_smile:

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It works Sir , thanks for all the comments and help , much appreaciated.

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