Get tekst action cannot write to Excel

I’m new to UIPath and try to follow the Academy “First Automation Using Microsoft Office”
I have the action where a selected value needs to be written in an Excel file, but in the Select a value , the Excel is there but it shows “NO OPtions Found”
In a previous step the same Excel file can be found

I don’t see a option to upload any screenshots, so i hope this is clear?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Stegman Welcome
Can you share your exact point where you are facing. I am unable to get exact point.
I am waiting for your response.

I had send an email with more screenshots but it was rejected as 1 can only send 1 screenshot…

I need to indicatie in the Excel file, but the option does not appear

StudioX 2022.10.0-beta.10400 - 9/21/2022
Enterprise License
Per-user Installation

License Provider: Orchestrator
Activation ID:

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

i cannot figure it out, still need help