Get table data from a pdf/invoice which changes dynamically


I’m trying to extract tabular data from an invoice. The data in the invoice changes and the number of rows in the table also change. Since the size of the table changes, I cannot use form extractor. Using regex extractor was also difficult. Is there a way to get data from the table whose size is always changing.

Hello @svinjamuri ,

Did you tried the Document Understanding activities?

Or, sometimes is working if you scrape the data from the pdf fie using Table Extraction or something like this.

If you can share the pdf file, will be great.


Hello wasea,

I cannot share the file. Yeah I did try document understanding. I tried scraping data but the data is not in a table but in a tabular format with no borders. So data scraping was not working. It looks something like this

Hello Svinjamuri,
You can try some VB.NET code you have a lot of examples in description of the movie:
UiPath extract Tables from PDF (use case) (PDF table) - YouTube

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