How to get table from invoice

I want to extract data from the table from different invoices, in a structured format, so how should i do it
i am attaching the invoices.
JaneDoe_01092020_130792.pdf (17.6 KB) JoeyTribbiani_01102020_281092.pdf (25.7 KB) MonicaGeller_09052020_87654.pdf (15.9 KB) RachelGreen_04042020_40874.pdf (20.6 KB)

Hi @Aishwarya_Bhargava,

You can try using different method for extract table data from Pdf. can Using data scraping If Pdf is native(Works for Tabular Data)
2.Check this Link it may help you to extract the data from pdf.-
3. Use Pdf Activities.
4.Easy way to extarct the table data is Document understanding -


Hi @Aishwarya_Bhargava best way is to use the document understanding feature in UiPath

Check this video by @Parth_Doshi

You can follow his video too for document understanding

Hope it helps

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Nived N
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I am doing a nano-degree course on udacity and they rejected the submission because i used document understanding,

I need to use Data Scraping Wizard or Screen Scraping Wizard

so how can i do it
can anyone please how

i have to use Data Scraping Wizard or Screen Scraping Wizard
so how can i do it?

Hi @Aishwarya_Bhargava u can do by datascrapping

Check this workflow (3.0 MB)

Hope it helps you

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Nived N
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This is indicating this table instead of the other one


i adjusted the selector and it worked but for joey file its not getting data from the second page
how to do that?

Can you show the selector ? @Aishwarya_Bhargava

I think it worked fine in my case when I was running

Hello Aishwarya,
In this video, I extract tables from PDF and write data in Excel:

0:25 Install PDF Activities
1:10 READ PDF text, Get PDF page count, Extract PDF
5:40 Read PDF with OCR
6:55 Join PDF and Manage PDF passwords
9:30 Extract Images From PDF and Export PDF as Image
12:00 Extract table from PDF use-cases 1 replace some spaces with | (one column has multiple words)
24:00 Run the robot to see the result
25:40 Extract Table from other PDF use-cases 2 delimiter is 2*spaces " " easy split
31:50 Extract Table from complex PDF use-cases 3 unstructured data the logic will be based on IsUpper and IsLower
40:25 Extract the price value from PDF

Cristian Negulescu