Get spotify play counts

i’m very new here and was very enthousiast to check the functionalities of the UI explorer on the Windosw Spotify Desktop application.

Very nice ! i can get the song title, the album name etc…

But was stuck on getting the play count on a track as you need to mouse over to get it.
I tried to target the element beneath but i don’t see the hover attribute and it seems very well hidden…
any idea to get it ?

Thank you

Hi @papango,
Welcome to the Community!
Can you share more information how it’s look like in spotify etc? Maybe I will be able to help you. Describe your workflow etc.

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Hi @papango,

Welcome to Uipath Forum buddy…!Thats really a good question to start with

You can make use of Hover activities like Hover or Hover Image. Kindly check the sendwindowmessage property in hover image.


This would take you to the place of play count of a track.

Once you hover over to that element, you can access it easily as you wish…

Hope this would help you…!

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I am using Spotify apknite on mobile. Your idea is not clear, you should post some image for the more details