Get row index of a Selected Cell in Excel

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I am trying to get the row index of a selected (or active) cell in Excel. The code search a cell and then, when I select that cell, I would like to know the row index of it.



To get the index




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Check with the below code,
foreach(DataRow row in yourdatatable.Rows)
Int value_row_index =yourdatatable.Rows.Indexof(row)
//Writeline value_row_index.ToString()

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I was rather looking for the following code in VBA somehow translated into UIPath: Application.ActiveCell.Row

What I want is the row number of the active cell.

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To search the text in Excel you can use the find activity which is in the below . It will return the cellinfo like “A10”.“B5” as array.

Additional. It has a feature the return the rowindex as array. It is not available in UiPath go. but you can download from here .


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