Is there any way to get the position of a cell from a DataRow?

Currently, I am storing Excel information in a DataTable, and using the ForEachRow activity to turn the DataRow row by row. However, I need to get the position information (A1, A100, etc.) of the cell whose column name is “AAA” in the DataRow that I am currently rotating.

DataRow.item(“AAA”).? = ”A1”
DataRow.itemArray(“AAA”).? = ”A100”

I’m looking for a way to get the position of the cell whose column is “AAA” in the current DataRow using the item and itemArray methods, but I haven’t found it.

Doesn’t the DataTable contain Excel cell information?
If you know how to get the location of the currently used cell from the DataRow, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin,

Do you want to get the cell information for the value available in the data table. could you please add the below activity in your work flow to get the cell information. just a thought from my side.


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Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin ,

Please try this package,there is an activity called search row Index, you can also find other activities for datatable which will be useful.


I forgot this activity.

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your most welcome.

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