Property Feature for GetQueueItems

Forgive me if this is already a feature, but it would be helpful to be able to filter items by something other than the creation date, such as the “last processing date,” within the GetQueueItems activity.

Sometimes, the creation date of a successful or failed item is significantly different from its last processing date. If I want to filter down to all the successful or failed items from today, I cannot rely on “creation date” because they may have been created yesterday. Instead, I end up using the GetQueueItems activity to get as many queue items as I can and then using control flow with the item.LastProcessingDate to find the ones within my target dates.

Hello @Joe_Matuch,

I would vote for such a feature too.

I know the pain of GetQueueItems especially with the bandwidth limit of top 100 items. We needed to have additional logic where a queue had more than 5000 items and we were only allowed to fetch 100 each time.

There is also Reference field which you could use. Reference is what we ended up using the most. Look for a specific Reference in the resulting queue items. If found continue to the manipulation part of the logic.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll save them for our team to consider in the future.