How to get queue items for a given date range?

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I want to fetch all New and Successful items in queue for a given date range. How can I do it ?

There are parameters in Get Queue Items From and To. I provided that but its not fetching any item based on my reference,

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We need to pass DateTime values to From and To fields. It filters the transactions based on creation time but not reference.

You mean if we are providing From and To parameters then we should not provide the reference ?

Hi @kkpatel,

You can provide all values (To,From,Reference , the Get Queue Items will first get all the New and Successful items as you need and then use a filter strategy with Reference as a filter value.

Here is an example:

This is what I did and I am getting 0 item even if same reference item is there in the queue.


  1. Are you sure that your reference string is the same? It is case sensitive and that it does not include starting or trailing spaces?

  2. Do you get the New and Successful items without the Filter Strategy? Test it out and see if you get some queue items then we can look into why the Filter Strategy is failing.

@kkpatel ,

Could you Check without providing any Filters or Reference, if you are able to Retrieve New and Successful items ?


Please try to get the queue item without adding any filters. If its working try to add New,Successful to the Queue ItemStatus. Then go with the From and To.

This will help to debug the issue which you are facing.

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