Get Process Activity convert to docx file

I’m new in UIPath. I have a problem when I use Get Process Activity and I want to convert it using for-each loop to docx file.
Below is the workflow. It works BUT the workflow takes 25 minutes! There was 230 different process. Something wrong in the workflow or my PC is to slow? (8GB RAM, i5, SSD disc)

hello @borek497

instead of opening world document every-time,inside for each, append all the data you want to store it in doc file to a string variable and finally append it to doc.

like below,

Append_String = Append_String+Environment.newline+item.tostring

it will save sometime.


@Ajju Thank you for your help.
My workflow was meaningless. First I should use Word Application Scope and then for each and append text. One opening word, not every time in for each!