get position value from excel

hii all,

I have a column (date). and I want to get the position of cell in which cell date is written.
I want only cell position.
pls help.

Buddy @arpita2

do you mean the range of that cell or
the row column index of that

hii @Palaniyappanposition_date.xlsx (8.5 KB)

here is excel file.I want only position of cell like A2,A3 etc.where date is written

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Its resolved buddy @arpita2
here is your xaml buddy
modified buddy @arpita2 (17.6 KB)


did that work buddy @arpita2

hii @Palaniyappan
it should give me A2,A3,A4 as output.
but it give me B1,C1,D1

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i got like that only buddy A2,A3 for the excel you sent buddy @arpita2
See buddy @arpita2


any issues buddy @arpita2

thanks @Palaniyappan, for your help.
I want date is anywhere in excel and bot only get the position of that cell in which date exist.
like anywhere D1, E7 etc.
only that postion of the cell where date exist not even the empty cell.
Please help

position_date.xlsx (8.5 KB)

here is excel sheet ,date exist only A5,B7.
I expect that cell position as an output.not the empty cell .only where date exist.
Pls help

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its resolved buddy @arpita2
here you go
cellvalue (2).zip (18.0 KB)

kindly try this and let know buddy

thankyou very much @Palaniyappan
its working

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Thats great buddy @arpita2

any issue still buddy @arpita2