How to get the cell position using cell value in excel

Hi Team,

I need to get the cell position using cell value in excel.This cell is linked to a formula so when I am using lookup range it is giving me null value.

Please help guys, its quite urgent

Hi, unfortunately, this activity wont work on formulas, as it will only look as the text that is in the cell… If you need to still do this searching for the value the formula outputs, then you need to read that range into a datatable first and then use lookup value, it can then output the row index and cell index that you can use to translate back to the position in your excel file.

Hi ,

Thankyou for the reply . How do we translate the cell index to excel.

Could you please elaborate that.?

Well, lets say your lookup datatable value returns rowIndex = 0, then you know that in excel it will be the column you choose (lets say columnIndex=0), it will be cell A1…

I tried that but my lookup datatable is giving me negative row index -1.

What to do about that?

that means value was not found…

Okay , let me try that again