Get Outlook Messagesメール取得

アクティビティ Get Outlook Messages を使って、受信トイレの配下にあるサブフォルダAからメールを取得したいのですが、Mailfolderに”受信トレイ\A”と記述しているのですが、取得できません。ちなみにOutlookのバージョンは1811です。

Hi @mash
Try to put “Inbox\A” as “MailFolder” - but using Expression Editor. Seems that there is some bug that disables the field right next to “MailFolder”. I hope the picture makes it clear. Did it solve the problem? :slight_smile:


Works. But in my case is had “00_anything” as folder and this was not working. After deleting “00_” it works. So make sure to have only common chars.

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