Get Outlook Messages - folder doesn't exist

Hi all

I’m trying to read any emails in my “Key Words” folder, my layout in my Outlook looks like this:


These are the properties on my Get Outlook Mail Message activity:

And this is the error I’m getting:

Can anyone let me know where I’m going wrong please? As there’s no folder/subfolder I thought “Key Words” would work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Short Could you check any spaces in Folder Name? Probably there is space at the end. You can just try with renaming, Any space will be visible.


Can you check either you have outlook installed in your system or not

Some times it will give that error because of this issue

HI @Short

Can give try Mail FolderMail ID\Key Words

Check out this therad


Hi @Short ,

If you are trying to access a subfolder, make sure you provide the complete path to the subfolder, separated by slashes. For example, folder\subfolder

Hi @Short

Try using Use Outlook application scope and indicate the folder by selecting

Hope it helps!!

Hey @devasyasingh

This is one of the first things I tried unfortunately, there aren’t any spaces in the folder name

Hey @Shiva_Nikhil

Yeah it’s installed, I’ve even opened it in the hopes it would make it work… it didn’t :confused:

Hey @neha.upase

There’s no subfolder (I think?), as it’s listed as it’s own separate folder rather than under the Inbox folder

Hey @pravallikapaluri

It keeps coming up with this when I try to look at the Outlook folders:


I keep clicking “Allow” but it keeps popping back up. I allowed it for 10 minutes and finally got access to the folders, however “Key Words” wasn’t in there - just the standard ones that are in your screenshot :confused:


Can you check for other folder is the output coming or not once

Hi @Short

You have configured only one outlook account? if one account and it is already configured then make account properties blank.

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