Get Outlook messages filter by email

Hello, is it possible to only get messages sent from certain email address? I tried using filter
"[From]=‘’" but it works only when I type sender’s name and not email address.


This is what I have that may help you.
(From m in mailmsg where (m.Subject = “text”)).ToArray()
(From m in mailmsg where (m.Subject.Contains(filterString))).ToArray()
(From m in mailmsg where (m.From.DisplayName.Contains(“fromname”))).ToArray()

You can change the .Subject or .From to .From.Address (or whatever the syntax is on that) for what you need.

The examples above create an array of messages from within your “mailmsg” list you retrieved and stored to a variable from Outlook or Exchange.


Try [senderemailaddress] = ‘’ "

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Hello cristian,

I tried your solution but it was not working. Can you help me to using [senderemailaddress] in properties window of Get outlook mail messages to filter list email by email address?

Thanks and Regards!

Same here. The [SenderEmailAdress] condition just doesn’t seem to be working at all.

You need a double quotation (") before Christians string. Check this video for a full tutorial,