How to use filter property of "GetOutlookMailMessage" activity to filter outlook emails

How to filter emails using "GetOutlookMailMessage" activity as the wildcard operator "*" doesn't work in the activity ?

1. Using Outlook Filter

Filter on Received date : "[ReceivedTime]>='07/11/2019'" +"And"+"[ReceivedTime]<='09/11/2019'"
Filter emails from specific person : “[FROM]=‘Mustermann Max’”
Filter from sender's Email Address : “[senderemailaddress]=‘’”

2. Using DASL query 

-DASL query is created by Microsoft.

-The DASL syntax can be used for substring and other complex searches in Outlook.

-It looks like SQL but uses names for fields that look like Internet addresses. They're not, though.

-DASL excels at retrieving property-based results for item-level searches in folders.

-Unfortunately, DASL is cumbersome to write, and it would be an understatement to mention that the property formats are opaque.

-That being said, DASL is the most versatile query language for Outlook

-For filtering outlook messages we can't use "*" as the wildcard.

-For this requirement, we need a DASL query.

-Please go through the below link to know more about DASL queries and searching outlook data.

A sample query that can be used in the filter attribute of "GetOutlookMailMessage" activity. The following query will filter out all the emails in Outlook whose subject start with "Test" and ends with "Mail".

"@SQL= urn:schemas:httpmail:subject Like 'Test%' AND urn:schemas:httpmail:subject Like '%Mail'"