Get outlook mail messages for a specific date

Hi community!

I was wondering how I can filter outlook messages to get emails for a specific date.
I tried manually in outlook and this filter works:

but when i try to use that in the get outlook mail messages activity like this

it gives me this error:

Can anyeone help me with this? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @mimuhrin

Please check the link


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This doesn’t work for me for some reason, it always gives me no result even if i change the dates :frowning:

i have these emails that was sent today (02/15/2021)

i tried using that syntax but it gives me no result

it should fetch results for date greater than 02/10/2021, right? 02/15/2021 is greater date but not sure why. is my logic correct on this?

Did u add time too in the date part?

not sure where to add the time part, i tried this

but still shows no results

Hi @mimuhrin

Try this way

Just to test how ur date format looks like

Loop through the mail’s u got as result of mail message activitiy

Then use mail.RecievedDate to check the format of date

So.that u can check what is date format


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try to use this in filter field

β€œ[ReceivedTime] >= ’ " + β€œ15/02/2021” + " ']”

Hello! I tried using this but it still gives me the condition is not valid error :frowning:

r u using date variable?
or else if possible then share your workflow

@mimuhrin Can you check the discussion in the Below post and Check if it will be helpful in solving your problem ?

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