How to filter mails from Outlook without using loop

What is an alternative to filter mails from Outlook without using a loop. I have 10000 mails and I have to filter those mails with Body “Hi” without loop.

Hi @sravya_vankadaru,

Use the activity “Get Outlook Mail Messages”. It has a filter option. More info about this activity can be found here:

Good Luck!

Yes I knew that there is a filter option, But I want a sample syntax to filter out the messages. Can you explain with an example for filtering Timestamp/Subject/Body??

Hello, @sravya_vankadaru,
An example could be item.Subject.Contains(“Hi”)

Also I found this post about filtering:

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Hi @rmunro,

An example could be item.Subject.Contains(“Hi”)-- This statement requires a loop as it contains “item”. The one i am asking is without loop… Anyways, I will look into filtering part though

Why don’t you just use outlook rules and then?

Hi @rmunro,

I can directly use outlook rules but this has been asked in an interview…how to filter messages without iteration? So i am just checking out the best possible solution…

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: