Get Outlook Mail Message Filter only accepts date, but not time


I recently building a workflow to do some kind of check on ‘dump’ email account. It’s where all everybody’s incoming or outgoing emails will be dumped.

I planned to retrieve the emails on a small batch and I want to avoid ‘retrieving a lot of email then filter it afterwards’, so I decided to work with filters.

I will filter the emails hourly by ‘[ReceivedTime]>=X and [Received Time]<=Y’… but the problem is that ReceivedTime won’t accept X or Y with time on it. For example, it will work if X or Y contains ‘08/13/2019’ but won’t work if I add time like ‘08/13/2019 12:00:00’.

Is there any mistake in the filter I’ve made?

Rather mentioning that condition in the filter property we can use that condition in the for each loop of mailmessage with a if condition
Hope this thread would help you resolve this

Kindly try and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @beantony

Hi, I’ve read that thread and see that as alternative solution… but like I said, I want to retrieve a only a small number of email each time.

I might get more 500-600 emails a day and I thought retrieving all of them then filter it afterwards is not a good practice. For example, if each mails has 2-3 MBs of attachment, I’ll be using 1-1.5Gb of memory only for email variables, right? which then I will filter to use only a small part of them?

Hi @beantony,
Try to read each mail one by once using mail message properties

Very true.

But the thing is outlook natively didnt provide such feature to sort by time even if we try to filter it by manual. Only sort by date is possible.

But a third party called ‘kutools’ can do the filtering by time.

So either we have to go for custom activties or 3rd party lib.

Ah okay, thank you for the insight… I guess there is no other choice then.

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