Issues in ReceivedTime Filter in Get Outlook Mail Message activity

I am trying to filter the mail by date range taken from input dialog variables.
StartDate variable in format (MM/dd/yyyy)
EndDate variable in format (MM/dd/yyyy)

I then add the EndDate variable to add “23:59:59”.
The filter properties:
“[ReceivedTime] >= '” + StartDate.ToString + “'AND [ReceivedTime] <= '” + EndDate.ToString + “'”
The problem is if my StartDate is 11/17/2020 and EndDate is 11/24/2020 23:59:59.
It will still retrieve the other mail from 11/17/2020 to 11/30/2020.


Please check the below post,


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Hi @SITI_NUR_ALYSHYIA , i’m facing the same issue. did you resolve it? links shared do not provide a solution for me.

Hi @Ewout,
Yes, I manage to resolve it but reference are from the link. I get all email date using for each then use assign item.header(“Date”).
Then use if activity to compare item.header(“Date”) with the date that you want to compare.

Hope this help you