Get outlook mail and save attachment


I need to get mails from outlook based on a particular subject and save the attachments present in that email.

Could somebody please help me?

hi @Jagadesh2494

Does the screenshot attached above not working ?

yes attachments are not getting saved in the path specified

can you show me the properties used in save attachments

properties of save attachment activity

Can you do a write line of count of Attachments ?

Also do write line of counts of emails you are getting with the outlook property :slight_smile:

Could you please provide the expression? Am new to this sorry

For email count fetched


I didn’t get any count in the output panel

Do a write line buddy :slight_smile:
There must be a count that must come while you do that

If you already did it, can you show me the screen shot :slight_smile:

I already did that but still it is not displaying the count.

ohh, do the write line before the for loop :smiley:


Is that subject line string is same as given in GetOutlookmail activity field:smile:

Oh sorry it now shows the count as 0

uncheck the “OnlyUnreadMessages”

What’s basically happening is it’s not getting anything to read :slight_smile:

Still it shows 0 also i have 3 unread messages in my inbox

the filter isn’t working for you buddy then :frowning:

Try removing it and looking into it :slight_smile:

Now it shows 30 but is there any reason why the filter is not working?

not sure, now show me the filter query you are using ?

This is my filter expression image