Cannot save attachments via Outlook?

Hello everyone,
I’m currently having an issue saving attachments via Outlook.
I know that my program is indeed retrieving the emails as I have created a variable called name which substrings the email subject and pulls out the 3rd and 4th indexes. I get thrown no error at all when trying to save the attachments, it just executes incredibly quickly after the message boxes appear and then there is no folder/attachments generated.

(upload://58nOaQNXcTzXECBt6idK1Eb2qFe.png) ![2|690x150]

Will only let me upload one image so here are the other 3:

Okay… it will no longer let me edit unless I remove the 3 images because apparently an imgur link uploaded them. I can’t upload the first picture anymore without removing the other 3 but you can get an idea of my sequence via the last picture. It is a Get Outlook Mail Message → For Each loop.
I have the outlook messages set to 2 max and I do have the typeargument set to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage. This is confirmed by the fact that I can read the subject line right???

Please help :).

Edit: ALSO, just used an if statement for email.Attachment.Any and it appears that it is trying to say there is no attachment. There is an attachment though…
Added 2 pics into here…

It appears this might be from a GPO… Will find out and then update this thread in case anyone runs into this issue in the future.

Was caused by a GPO :). Keeping this in case anyone else ever happens to have this issue.

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