Get Orchestrator Info in workflow


I want to get info about the connected Orchestrator during execution of a workflow. I am most interested in the Orchestrator URL and hoped I could use an activity for this or even just assign it to a variable with the UiPath namespace.

I tried reading the URL from UiPath.Settings file as in Is it possible to get URL of the orchestrator inside the UiPath script? - #2 by mike.vansickle but unfortunately in the environment I work in, there is no access to this file, not even read-only.

Any suggestions?
Thank you

you can use “Orchestrator HTTP request” activity to grab information from any endpoint you see fit. I just tested with “odata/Settings” to get the info you need.

You can parse the json accordingly. There are activities that do that.



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Thank you Rkhan, this works nicely!

Cheers :hugs:

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