Get Current URL UiRobot is Connected (when connected to Orchestrator)

Hi Community,

Is there any way I can get the current URL which the UiRobot is connected? Perhaps through either UiPath activities or windows file? Or is there any other way I can have this?

I am not sure if i understood your question properly. Are you looking for the Orchestrator URL or the URL of the website in run time while the workflow is running.?

Rammohan B.

Hello @Rammohan91, thank you for asking.

When we run Ui Robot and go to settings, there is this Orchestrator URL which the bot has been provisioned. I want to get that information from wherever I am able to, during run time. Is this clear now? I want to make a call to the API but I want to have the URL host to be set dynamically since I may be running in either a test or production environment.

@badita, @Vlad any idea? I want to call the API through a custom activity and instead of having this configured through parameters, I’d rather use the current Orchestrator URL that is connected to the Ui Robot. How would I achieve this?

Hi Bruno,

Check the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity introduced in 2018.1. The request will be done using the URL and robot key from Ui Robot configuration.


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Hi @Silviu,

I appreciate you sharing this, I’ll have a look on it to see if this will help with my solution.


Bruno Costa.

Hi, @brunoazev, sorry to open up an old thread - did you find a solution on how to get the Orchestrator URL the robot is connected to please? Thank you!

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Hi!! Unfortunately it’s been a long time and I don’t really remember… I’m sorry. hope someone from the community may help you with that