Orchestrator Audit Log

Hi Folks,

We are in the controlled environment and require to access the security prior to implementation

Question 1
Is there any audit log for user activities (e.g. Login activities, what users do, where they do it from (source systems, hostnames, IP address, etc) )?

Question 2
Is there Orchestrator Audit Log for Job? e.g. who started the Job? This is crucial to check who started the job

I dont see Job on the screenshot below

Question 3
Is there package to package comparison for change review? Meaning that by comparing 2 packages, it will show you the difference? Is there audit logging for who uploaded the package and when?


At this moment our Audit is limited but in the next versions (18.1, 18.2), this will be improved. Most of your requests are in our road map.


Thanks and Noted Andrei.

Can you share more on the road map details? Is it on the Job Audit trail, user’s activities audit trail, package audit trail?

Any target date that I can present to my management team?

Is the data is available on the Orchestrator’s database query for now? In case we really need it

As of 2018.1 (January) all custom actions will be audited

  • Delete, Update, Create any entity(TBD if we audit or not queue items)
  • Start, Stop jobs
  • Add/Remove robots from environment
  • Enable, Disable schedules
  • Settings update
  • Update package in process
  • Delete packages

There will be audit on all queue item status changes.

Package audit and changes should go via a source control tool (SVN, TFS)


Thanks, any plan for User’s activities audit log? e.g. login, IP address? and full audit login per user (can track what the user did per session)


Hi @saibuntoe, yes this information is in scope. Thanks

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Cool thanks @mircea

Hi @badita @Andrei_Pop @mircea ,

any update on this? When will we have User’s activities audit log? We would like to have audit for the following:

  1. User login information - username, userrole, logintime, loginfrom (IP address of the machines they logged in from)
  2. User’s login history
  3. List of actions performed by the user in a given session
  4. Which users were logged in at a given point of time

Is all of these items on the roadmap? In that case when will we have these? Any time frame?


Navaishere i don´t know a lot but have you tried to look directly to uipath DB? it could allow you to get info about almost everything.

you can use UiPath Orchestrator API
here’s the link : Swagger UI